Leaking rack on Citroen C5 2009

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Re: Leaking rack on Citroen C5 2009

Post by Sufii »

Is it difficult to change the clutch by yourself? Thinking it will be a lot rasker to Get the rack out when the gear box is down as well.
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Re: Leaking rack on Citroen C5 2009

Post by bobins »

If you've never changed a clutch before then it's quite a time consuming and awkward job to attempt. Please bear in mind that if your mechanic is going to change the crankshaft seal then he would have already done 95% of the same work that is required to change the clutch. It takes hours to get to split the gearbox from the engine, but only (quite a few !) minutes to actually change the clutch components once you've got the gearbox out.
There's only a small handful of common components that have to be undone if you're removing the gearbox and changing the rack. The only real similarities are that they both involve working under the car !!