Berlingo I 1,9D M WJY 2002 - electrical issue

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Re: Berlingo I 1,9D M WJY 2002 - electrical issue

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Actually, on looking further, the part number (9627109680) can be either a Glow Plug Relay or a fuel pump relay - so one of those multi-function relays.
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Re: Berlingo I 1,9D M WJY 2002 - electrical issue

Post by sparksie »

This is interesting.
My 2000 Xantia 1.9Td, with Bosch injector pump, did this sometimes.
No dash instruments, Harsh knocky engine note, smoke.
I never drove it like that, so can't comment about power.
I thought it sounded as though the pump timing was advanced and perhaps the dosing a little high too, because it seemed to be ticking over a bit higher than usual.
There is a well documented problem with Xantia ignition switches and I was tending towards that as being the culprit, sometimes not powering the ecu. However, other things kept getting in the way and I never proved it.
I could always solve it by turning the ignition off and back on, quickly enough to have the engine keep running. This worked every time, which actually muddied the water a bit and led me to find, and also not fix, a problem in the starter motor. There is one shorted segment, which makes the starter a little slow, but more importantly, creates a lot of "noise" in the electrics, due to sparking when the short segment passes a brush.
I thought this hash might be upsetting the ecu and I parked facing down hill for a while, so as to bump start it rather than use the starter.
Guess what? The problem never arose, when I started it this way!
All of the foregoing, of course, may be totally irrelevant to this Berlingo, but I'd be looking first to see if the ecu is powered when the fault is present.
If it is, then check whats happening to voltages while starting