Fun with C2 Keys

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Fun with C2 Keys

Post by tomjyoutwit »

Good Afternoon,

I've picked up a cheap C2 as a run around, it came with the two button folding fob, the key is empty inside and the blade starts the car.

I've been told by the local key shop that someone has put the transponder from this key under the steering wheel as it's a common thing to do.

I have bought a blank key with transponder from the internet and it arrived today and I have had it cut. I've been to Citroen and got my codes. How can i get the new key programmed to do the remote central locking?

I've been reading about Lexia, but from what I can tell if I program my fob it will kill the transponder that is allowing me to use the spare key without any electronics in it.

What's my best option- leave as it is without central locking?

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Fun with C2 Keys

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Right - first of all it's a daft thing to have the transponder 'stuck' under the steering wheel as it kind of defeats the purpose of it really, allowing the car to be started without a fob. But to answer your questions:

When Lexia is used to programme the key fobs - ALL the keys must be done at the same time. Any excluded from the programming session will be locked out.

As for the central locking function, that is handled by the electronics inside the fob and if these are not the correct frequency or type, they will never work.

So I would get an additional fob with electronics and along with the one you have just bought get these coded together. But I would remove the transponder chip from under the steering wheel before you undertake the coding as that might interfere with the coding process if it is in range of the coil when coding.

If you have the wrong electronic components for the remote locking function, you will either have to live with it or get the correct type and perform the programming procedure again with the correct ones. Getting the correct ones from the web can be a challenge as they have to be the correct frequency and signal type to work.