Fan ressistor c5 2009

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Re: Fan ressistor c5 2009

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...along the lines of Do Not Throw Stones at This Notice

and (I actually have one here): Please Remove this Label.

Neil would be over the moon :cd:
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Re: Fan ressistor c5 2009

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Re: Fan ressistor c5 2009

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Hi Guys. Really good article!

Cursed myself last week really after returning late on Sunday from a 2-week holiday. Leaves the house for work the next morning thinking "I hope that the car battery is okay?". Trusty old girl fired up on first crank after the glow plugs switched off.

I then realised that my blower motor wasn't running and whilst looking into it, began to detect a faint "burning" smell. Being electrically trained, it was a familiar smell for a stalled motor or windings getting too hot, so I switched off the AC controls and drove to work.

What has previously been described about the fan control module, damp weather and seized bearings are a good basis for consideration for the problem I am encountering now. Indeed, dry bearing would place a lot more resistance to a motor starting up at low speed with no power to provide the required torque to get the motor running and hence stalls and gets hot. Running the motor at full speed (the jumper method) should as described give enough power and torque to get the motor running.

However, I am a little confused. At the top of this article (I think it was this one), there is a procedure about opening the drivers window, disconnecting the battery before removing the module etc. etc. and then reconnecting the battery etc. etc.

Do you do all of this procedure first and then do the jumper procedure as it is stated that the engine should be running when trying it out?

Thanks again for a great post and fingers crossed for an easy (and quick at this time of year) solution to my problem.


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Re: Fan ressistor c5 2009

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That is the battery disconnect and reconnect procedure or referred to as the BSI reset procedure. It is done to ensure computer networks and all the ECUs are properly put into standby mode and all settings are memorised, and again proper time is given to them being reinitialised on battery reconnect to ensure they boot properly. It can eliminate electrical problems.

BSI Rest / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure