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Re: C5 Steering

Post by Empin »

Going in for a service soon so will get them to set it. I turned the ESP off and everything else seems OK hill start etc but can't think even when it's recalibrate it will make any difference as the problem was there before.
This problem withstanding I thought the original C5 was a great car with class leading features and Citroen comfort but the MK3 is really just a bit bland.
I think they lost there way chasing German cars and hastened the death of the model by making all but the exclusive steel suspension. Without the oil suspension they were just another run of the mill eurobox a great pity and another blow against individual and interesting cars.
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Re: C5 Steering

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Well remember to enable everything back as it should if you are taking it in for repair, so that the faults can be properly dealt with, or they will be hidden.

As I already said, any problem with the ESP ECU and you will loose certain features like cruise control, speed limiter, ESP / ASR functionality, ABS, Hill Start Assist and the like. These will not function whilst there is an issue with the ESP system, depending on fault.
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Re: C5 Steering

Post by Homer »

Mine was also very light and packing in feel. I think it's as intended. To me it harks back to the classic Citroen experience, completely isolated from the road. You drive it on instinct rather than feedback.