Paris Motorshow 2018

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Paris Motorshow 2018

Post by Sloppysod »

Browsing the web looking a new models displayed at the Paris Motorshow 2018 I found this and I like it, it looks retro
But even this looks great and you can buy one now!!

Sorry to say Cirtoen cars this year look a bit ...........ordinary!!

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Re: Paris Motorshow 2018

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

I spotted one of those Peugeot e-legends before the designers got their hammers out


Meanwhile Renaults Baby EV Concept the K-Ze took up a bit of stand space. What's Renault about it......the badge :-D it will be manufactured in China by eGT New Energy Automotive Co, the joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan, created “to develop and produce competitive electric vehicles for the Chinese market”,

The Twingo-sized K-ZE, which will sit below the Zoe in dimensions and cost, will arrive in China first because it is the fastest-growing market for electric cars, said Renault. It is expected to arrive in Europe by 2021

Not even worth a picture, small bit SUV-ey. Now I do like this though

A Renault 5 with Zoe Powertrain!

Regards Neil

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Re: Paris Motorshow 2018

Post by myglaren »


Looks like a flattened Juke :(

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Re: Paris Motorshow 2018

Post by EDC5 »

The new 508 is a real stunner! (Shame about the lack of double wishbone front suspension)

I despair looking at the Citroen website now for new models.

I hope the X7's replacement is as good looking as the new 508.

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Re: Paris Motorshow 2018

Post by Pug_XUD_KeenAmateur »

not to my taste. Personal viewpoint it looks aggressive, the wheels are too big for the arches, there's no continuity of styling and its a saloon for goodness sake, not a sports car, why the silly alloys? Styled by a child who's spent too long on an X-Box perhaps?

(no offence Stu, be a boring old world if we all thought the same)

The 504 and the Ren 5 are rather nice tho

Talking of Paris Motor Shows, any interest in pics of the long defunct Musee de L'Automobile at La Grand Defense. Noticed I had a bunch of em earlier this year, albeit not yet Scanned. Guess no chance of any issue with posting them publicly as the Museum's been gone the better part of 20years.