Tyre Recommendations - Xantia Hydractive

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Re: Tyre Recommendations - Xantia Hydractive

Post by myglaren »

Our local ATS and Tyrespot have the adaptors.
However, my third set of Sailun Atezzo tyres will be fitted tomorrow.
The fitter can't balance them and said to go somewhere that could.
Never did and they have never needed it.
Smoothest and quietest tyres I have had, perform well but I rarely push them although they can leave anything in their wake on bends and roundabouts.
Also cheap - full set of 205 65 R15 £168 delivered from Oponeo - Camskill similarly priced.
Have had far more expensive tyres and all needed much balancing and were never really satisfactory while these suit me perfectly.

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Re: Tyre Recommendations - Xantia Hydractive

Post by white exec »

Some of the fitters I visited
- couldn't find the adaptor, or only had (an old) one which didn't fit their current machine
- didn't know how to assemble (configure) them for 5-stud
- didn't know that the machine needed to do an 'empty spindle' reset (0-0) first
- didn't know that the adaptor needed to be put on the shaft, and then the machine reset (0-0) before the wheel was loaded for balancing.

One NTS (Hampshire) actually added 160g of weights to one wheel :!: , in an attempt to obtain balance. When I pointed out that the wheel was mounted completely out-of-true, I was told that that was normal, and the machine would compensate. So fitted, I drove the car away, and was not able to exceed 35mph. At the end of my then urgent journey (about 30 miles), the offending wheels were removed, and the dozen or so adhesive weights sliced off. I then drove the 1500 miles from Hampshire to the south of Spain. To avoid the slight vibration, choice was below 70mph, or above 85. Decisions, decisions...! 8-)
Ten minutes on my local machine, and the problem was sorted.