'68' spotting...

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Re: '68' spotting...

Post by Richard_C »

Yes, and noticeably both private and business/fleet sales are down by similar amounts.

The new emission regime might be something to do with it, manufacturers shifting stock before 1 Sept and having limited stock approved for sale after 1 Sept - some new car lead times are long because the testing takes time.

French brands are suffering, PSA and Renault seem to be doing badly on September sales, not too bad on YTD (see the tabs on the attached link). With DS down by 41% YTD, all those "exclusive" Citroen dealers approved (or compelled?) to have a separate DS showroom might be wondering why they bothered.


If anybody spots THE 68 plate Chevrolet, do tell us :-D

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Re: '68' spotting...

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

NewcastleFalcon wrote:
26 Sep 2018, 16:52
Well getting close to the end of September now. If the evidence of this thread is accurate, then very shortly the SMMT will be reporting the worst ever new reg sales in the UK since records began :!: :-D

FCF threads with their finger on the pulse yet again!

Regards Neil

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Re: '68' spotting...

Post by myglaren »

"68" Fiat 124 Sport in Aldi Washington car park this afternoon. No camera and it was parked next to my shabby C5.