Soldering Irons

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Re: Soldering Irons

Post by Zelandeth »

That Adcola one looks very much like the one I learned to solder with and started out my electronic restoration hobby with.

Moved on to a proper temperature controlled one (can't remember who it was made by) which got nuked along with quite a few things along with it by a lightning strike.

Was the smaller Iroda iron that I switched to after that. It failed pretty early on and was replaced under warranty - I paid the difference and upgraded to the 120 at that time. That at least has behaved well since.

Some proper kit there. Likely to keep on going for a few more decades yet.
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Re: Soldering Irons

Post by Peter.N. »

They bring back some memories. As a TV engineer I soldered for a living for 50 years and the mistake many people make is applying the solder to the iron instead of the joint, by the time you get there all the flux has evaporated. Apply the clean iron tip to the joint and when it has reached temperature apply the solder directly to the joint, it should run nicely.