PSA/Renault News..

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Re: PSA/Renault News..

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A bit about Linda Jackson

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Re: PSA/Renault News..

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The bit about mid-hybrids [perversley, for many years my understanding of a"hybrid" in automotive terms was a traditional LandRover on a (shortened) early RangeRover (&, later, Disco) chassis] reminded me of the bit I read in a trade rag about not missing out on the wonderful cash cow that was alternator & starter replacements on cars with stop-start technology.

Do we really believe the oil companies will allow thmselves to be legislated out of existance? It may only be an urban myth but I grew up "Detroit" killed electric cars 100 years ago - don't believe the oil companies are any more principled. Interesting times ahead - & not just in terms of technological advancement!