Why are things so dear!!

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Re: Why are things so dear!!

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Unbelievable response.
I would ask the CCM to provide you with a contact in the company who can provide an answer to the question.
'We don't know' is simply not a satisfactory response.

I would give them all the (seemingly irrelevant) info they have asked for - VIN, reg, ... - so they cannot suggest you have withheld this. My guess is that a product complaint needs to hang on a VIN etc number, so that it can be logged on their system, and isn't a nebulous 'general' enquiry.
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Re: Why are things so dear!!

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I've copied the relevant posts of this topic to the Telematics NG4 sub-forum and changed the title as I've now fired off another email to HERE maps now that I have had this latest response from Citroen, so anyone else with this system can follow:

It was probably better to put this in its own thread in case I get any more response :-D