Xantia Vinyl wrapping

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Re: Xantia Vinyl wrapping

Post by momag46 »

I think the dande red is the worsted, I had a green XM where the lacquer came off the nose and one wing top but I think both had probably been resprayed soon after going on the road.

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Re: Xantia Vinyl wrapping

Post by Jaf »

Mine’s silver and she’s pretty bad. There are a few other Xantias around and the silvers are the worst. A green one and a blue one look nice still. Haven’t seen a red one!
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Re: Xantia Vinyl wrapping

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

A red Xantia that is peeling looks worse than a Brummie on the Costa del Sol during a HOT summer!
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Re: Xantia Vinyl wrapping

Post by Zelandeth »

Still very curious to see how these various approaches work out.

£1500 seems very reasonable for a full respray - I'd have expected double that really. Especially given the amount of body colour bits that need to be done too.

Very much hoping to get my Activa don't sometime in the next couple of years as behind Dante Red it's got the usual sunburn issues.