Painting Gabby

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Re: Painting Gabby

Post by Zelandeth »

Random thought Davie.

One idea I'd had back when I was pondering the very job you're undertaking now was the dark silver plastics on the interior. I was never a fan of that finish, and my thought was to take those bits of trim out and to paint those in body colour. Just be nice to bring a bit of colour to the cabin.
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Re: Painting Gabby

Post by Stickyfinger »

Pink or purple?
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Re: Painting Gabby

Post by daviemck2006 »

Things have been at a standstill im afraid to say. My best friend reversed her focus into a pole so I have been fixing her dent, along with the rusty front wings which every mk2 focus has. She was annoyed when i took the sander to the wings that there is already about a whole tin of filler in each one! She has had the car for 4 years when it was 6 years old. Rust bucket is an apt description lol

Ive also been busy looking over white bug and Kerri's A4 for MOT. Both in on monday afternoon. I hope the Audi is ok, its front wings have the usual vag rust but not got worse in the last year and I had a couple small jobs to do to it, and had a couple jobs to the 107 too. However there is a huge bodge on it which passed its MOT last year, we shall see what my tester Graham makes of it. I wouldnt be surprised if it fails as an inappropriate repair, but we shall see. I have deliberately left it so I can find out. If it fails its not that big a deal, it wont really be a big repair.