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Re: Favourite Places....

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Yes that's Carter Bar. We've travelled over it hundreds and hundreds of times and seen it in all weathers, and on many of those occasions it has been "dreech"! (rubbish weather), but on many also it has been spectacular. Lots of people stop...funny occasions with busloads of Japanese tourists being fascinated with our Labrador and taking endless pictures! Plenty bikers from "the continent" stop, and generally quite happy to have a conversation.

With you taking about the Chippie in Penrith I have to put forward this as one of my favourite fish and chip eating places.....of course wouldn't venture from the car if it was "dreech!"..but when its like this....no better place!


Regards Neil

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Re: Favourite Places....

Post by Pug_XUD_KeenAmateur »

strewth, now I see what you mean Neil; bit different to when we visited ! Good word that 'Dreech', not heard it before... appropriate.

Cornish the Enemy / Irish Terrorists... amounts to the same thing eh Jim. Some things that we 'mis-learn' are harmless, but I do respect the 'Go Find Out for Myself' attitude :-D

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Re: Favourite Places....

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

When I was living in the borders of Scotland it was often dreich!

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Re: Favourite Places....

Post by Peter.N. »

The cars in the forest was taken on the way up Jim, about 20 miles north of Perth on the 'new' A9, its a stop off point called 'The Hermitage' there is a lovely river flowing between the rocks below there and some beautiful walks.

The green XM is ours and the red one our sons, well they were both mine actually but I don't think Martin is quite ready to repair one yet, or even back then, was taken a few years ago.


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Re: Favourite Places....

Post by white exec »

daviemck2006 wrote:
02 Apr 2018, 17:15
All the photos of the NC500 that I took last year I have lost...
Davie, a PM sent to you.

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Re: Favourite Places....

Post by lexi »

That word being used .........dreech. It's a Scots word and it is dreich. The ch is not pronounced as in choo choo but from the back of the throat like a noise.