Self Drive Cars

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Re: Self Drive Cars

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Out with Greek Philosophy and 13th Century Popes, University Challenge acknowledges Self-Driving Cars with this set of three Bonuses last night....
and the questions
In October 2020 Waymo launched the world's first driverless taxi service that is fully open to the public in which major US City and State Capital :?:
In addition to cameras and radar Waymo's autonomous vehicle uses lasers to detect objects in 3D space around them. The technology is known by what five-letter acronym :?:
An example of partial autonomy in driving the Autopilot feature of which US electric vehicle company appears in products including the Model S and Model X :?:
Regards Neil
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Re: Self Drive Cars

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Had to guess at the first, I have read about it but the city name escapes me, as do most things now.
The other two were easy enough, we have an unfair advantage though with all the discussions on the forum.