Daughters dissertation survey. Male help required please

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Re: Daughters dissertation survey. Male help required please

Post by Michel »

Wonderful news, well done to her :)
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From Robyn

Post by c.morewood »

Hi all,

It’s Robyn here. I would just like to personally thank each and every one of you that took part in my survey - mostly for the participation but also for the positive encouragement you’ve all posted on this forum. My dad has kept me up to date with all the comments and well wishes and it would be fair to say they definitely gave me a push to make all your efforts worth something.

It means so much to me that you all took the time to complete my survey - in total I obtained 326 participants. This result not only led to my amazing grade but also allows me to call my dissertation an official piece of research in the field of psychology! Which is just completely overwhelming, not just for me but because the well-being of men is dramatically under researched it will be a large contribution to this field.

As Dad mentioned I was diagnosed with dyslexia which was a big hurdle for me to overcome - mainly because I wasn’t educated properly on the disability and labelled myself as “stupid” and “slow”. This, couple with efforts that I felt went unnoticed and resulted in a massive lack of confidence. I never achieved, all through my academic career so to achieve an A in my dissertation and therefore a 2:1 in my degree really means the world to me.

If anybody is interested in reading my dissertation please email me at r.morewood@rgu.ac.uk and I will happily pass it on. Also if you have any more comments/inquiries and advice for future research please do not hesitate to ask. Again, thank you all so much you’ve made someone very happy!!

Robyn Morewood
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Re: Daughters dissertation survey. Male help required please

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hello Robyn,

Thanks, and congratulations on attaining your degree. I used to teach PC maintenance (to long term unemployed and disabled people), and I can recall a couple of students who were dyslexic. Neither of them let their dyslexia get in their way; rather they treated it as a challenge to be overcome. I recall giving a reference for one of them (he got the job), and his dyslexia was raised. I advised that, although his writings did make sense, it could be a good idea that (if any of his reports were to be passed onto customers) somebody correct his spelling and so on (his spelling was phonetically correct (it sounded right) but technically wrong (yot for the word "yacht")).
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Re: Daughters dissertation survey. Male help required please

Post by myglaren »

Hi Robyn,

thanks for your post, it is most welcome to hear from you personally and to have an update and explanation to your educational progress.
You have done exceedingly well especially with regard to the difficulties you have had to overcome. I am really pleased that it has turned out so well and best wishes for whatever you choose to continue with in the future.