Remember these.? All our yesterdays

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Re: Remember these.? All our yesterdays

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bobins wrote:
18 Oct 2020, 14:32
Difficult to get a decent photo with its glass front, but one mercury arc rectifier (circa 1947) at Amberley today :) It was still in use until 2005 at the battery charging station at Croydon 'B' 33kV substation. The last one I saw in use was still powering one of the lifts for a London Deep Level shelter about 10-15 years ago.

Sweeet :-D
Peter.N. wrote:
18 Oct 2020, 12:55
For anyone who is interested I wrote an article in 'Television' magazine in the '80s about the early days of TV, its largely a technical one so may not interest many but I will put a link in in case. ... 998-05.pdf. Page 478, or Page 24 in the search guide

I'll be reading that with great interest later this evening Peter :)

I have many happy memories of Television magazine from my teenage years :D For me it was essential reading!

So much so that I had it on subscription from about age 12...

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Re: Remember these.? All our yesterdays

Post by bobins »

Hands up if you've ever seen one of these working out in the wilds before ? This one is in captivity at Amberley, and chatting to one of the diseasel enthusiasts there he reckoned he knew of only one other up in Wales. In case you are pondering, it's an automatic monorail 'mover'. It's job was to trundle along the monorail towing - or pushing - a rake of skip wagons. When it got to its destination, a peg sticking out of the monorail would knock it into neutral, and it'd stop there until someone earned their keep and came along and tilted the skips to empty them. Apparently they were used on all sorts of construction sites, but this one came from a sewage works where it was used to move 'fertiliser' from one end to the other. Despite it being a diesel engines day, this runs a JAP engine. :)
Amberley monorail 1 - own work
Amberley monorail 1 - own work
Amberley monorail 2 - own work
Amberley monorail 2 - own work