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Re: Bargain Basement Motoring

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the undoable nut, see POTD for the Song
the undoable nut, see POTD for the Song
POTD viewtopic.php?p=725385#p725385

Thought I would give the undoable union another go after spending £2.50 on a can of butane to fill up the much neglected pencil torch. It wasn't budging so the hacksaw came out to play. That union was a right-off, right from the start. Should I get round to doing the other side at any point in time how many minutes before the hacksaw, 2 or 3!

Had to make the pipe in situ on the car as I needed to thread it through those plastic clips on the bulkhead, because I just couldn't work out how the back row of brake pipes came out without breaking the clip. Those at the front just prise out.

I discovered also that the ABS union end was not normal size. Same 11mm head but meatier and a different thread. Had a new one which was a decent approximation but reused the old one.

Didn't even look at the bleed nipple, broke the caliper end connection to do a bit of bleeding.

So BB Micra for now is back on its wheels, ready for the MOT man to examine my handiwork.

Regards Neil