Lexia I have seen for sale.

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Re: Lexia I have seen for sale.

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I did make noises about trading standards and going further! I recon I was within my rights saying send the missing bit, or refund me plus the postage both ways and an allowance for repackaging and going to the post office.
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Re: Lexia I have seen for sale.

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GiveMeABreak wrote:
28 Nov 2017, 19:37
Yes, you have to watch the bu**ers - I've just emailed the bay of evil over a seller selling goods advertised in a picture, when in fact the price shown is for the plastic bottle only! It is completely misleading and I suspect against the Advertising Standards code of practice. More over it is an annoying waste of time. As you can see picture one returned from Google search and picture 2 is what you get once you get to the site - only then do you see an option drop down box that lists all the bits shown in the picture.

Only when you choose the whole thing does the price change.
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In this case, if they are showing the complete unit in the picture, they should show the complete unit price! Totally misleading.


Yes, many, many sellers are misusing the 'options' facility, which as I understand it is intended to offer different colour options etc. A number of legitimate options are listed, together with another, only vaguely related, cheap item, which automatically and misleadingly sets the diplayed price at that of the cheap thing. Makes price comparisons pointless!
I do sympathise with Amazon traders, though. Apparently, Amazon sometimes insist on providing their own picture of an item, based on the description, which doesn't always correspond with what's being sold. The seller then has to explain that 'what you see is not what you get', and that it's not their fault.