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Re: Insurance

Post by Paul-R »

In the past I've been in the same position and, after they'd checked to make sure it was comparing like with like, the insurance company matched their own quote with no extra messing around at all. If you don't ask you don't get!

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Re: Insurance

Post by van ordinaire »

The red Cherokee's insured with LV (transferred from the green one) for something around 1/2 what a specialist was charging me & I only asked them out of curiosity 'cos the Cadillac was with them after they wiped the floor on some price comparison site - &, yeah, nice people to deal with. They'll be getting my house insurance in a couple of weeks, again about 1/2 Privilege's renewal quote who I had no intention of renewing with anyway (although when I first went to them they quoted about £75 - & I was paying the Pru (I think) £400+!)