USB music box

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USB music box

Post by wheeler »

Does anyone have one of these fitted ? I installed a cheapo ebay one, the type that emulate the CD changer which I installed today with USB & SD card input. This is on an RNEG unit. It doesent display artist,album or track name info & will only show a maximum of 6 album folders (must think its a 6 disc changer), the tracks can be adjusted ok with the steering controls. its the same whether its using USB or SD card.
Does anyone have one that will show more than 6 albums and shows track/album info ?

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Re: USB music box

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No because the RNEG system is only designed to see that connection as a CD Changer - hence the 6 Disc / Albums / Folders allowed as you've stated. The RT6 and NG4 have Hard Discs so have the jukebox facility, with the NG4 also having USB and SD Card for media too. RNEG uses different protocols and hence why a lot of people have upgraded it to the RT6 or the NG4 Navidrive 3D systems.