MyWay upgrade

This unit is the MyWay system, also referred to as RNEG, made by Harman Becker.
Main Features: Also referred to as RNEG, the MyWay colour satellite navigation system, has SD card, integrated European mapping, live trafic information, voice guidance and graphics in 2D or aerial perspective & it features a Bluetooth® system (Bluetooth phone compatibility only - no Bluetooth Audio Streaming).

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MyWay upgrade

Post by Ceenine »

I am considering purchasing a MyWay head unit, screen etc (as required) from a wrecker here in Australia. The main reason, but not the only one is to maybe get a better tuner and amplifier as part of the process. Can anyone advise if the Harman Becker audio part is any improvement on the standard audio that you get in the base model. I think in my car it is a Blaupunkt/Bosch unit. My vehicle is a 2010/2011 C5 X7. The mapping bit is not so important as the traffic roadways here in Tasmania and not exactly complex - maybe a bit like north west Ireland or the highlands of Scotland.
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Re: MyWay upgrade

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The MyWay has a dual tuner system so should support active scanning for the best frequency. They are better than the standard RD4 system, obviously supporting navigation and the colour screen.
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Re: MyWay upgrade

Post by EDC5 »

I have to say that the Harman MyWay unit has the best FM tuner I have ever heard in a car. Crystal clear sound.

The most impressive thing, however, was how fast it could swap between pre-set stations, it was immediate, it made me actually feel like it was using both of its tuners.