Wiring diagram

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Re: Wiring diagram

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An 02 C3 is VAN/CAN
Full CAN never came in on the C3 till around 2005 when it was slightly facelifted

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Re: Wiring diagram

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yhe this is the issue i've been having.

Thanks for taking the time to run a check as you can see it's a muggy area.

So VAN CAN does not need the relay then COOL!

I am OK to go old school wiring or is there a connector i can get to save the slicing?


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Re: Wiring diagram

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On that age of Citroën the lights are normally switched by relays in the BSI and the BSM. There is normally no monitoring of the current and no bulb failure warning. If that is the case the socket can be wired directly. However the use of a bypass relay set is a good idea as it means that a short circuit in the trailer wiring doesn't blow the fuse for the car lights.
Later models with bulb failure warning systems need the relays.
Some Very modern vehicles have a specific connection for a vehicle specific interface. This must be programmed to the body computer when fitted. It detects the presence of the trailer and modifies the performance of the ESP and other systems.
So far I have only come across VAG vehicles with this.
Most references in lighting to can bus compatible are references to being bulb failure detection compatible. Some older cars eg. Certain 1980s Toyotas had bulb failure warning systems long before can bus was fitted to cars.
So while older PSA CARS had various can and van networks (just different networking protocols), and they were used to switch the lights, their presence or absence os a red herring in your case.