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Have you had a phone call threatening 'Legal Action' from 'HMRC' since 31/1/2017? See post below.

Poll ended at 16 Feb 2017, 15:51

No - but then I rarely get nuisance calls
No - and I get nuisance calls
No - and I have talked to HMRC recently (my number not withheld)
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Yes - but HMRC are unlikely to have my phone number
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Yes - and I have been in telephone contact with HMRC recently
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Total votes: 10

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Re: Straw Poll

Post by GiveMeABreak »

We are registered with the Telephone and Mail preference registers (TPS and MPS) and are Ex directory. We don't get any calls and ensure that the telephone / marketing options are scrutinised before any on-line orders are made. Sometimes they are crafty as ticking boxes can mean either you do or don't want calls / marketing, so you really have to read these. Also we have permanent number withheld on too. Sometimes we will get an odd unrecognised number (probably randomly generated) and we ignore this - a message is never left. I then Google it and block it.

There was one company I used for many years for shirts and shoes until their quality went downhill big time and I had to keep returning goods. It got to the stage where I didn't want to use them any more and unsubscribed from their mailing emails and and asked them to stop sending me catalogues. Within 2 weeks, I suddenly had begging letters from charities and other companies flying through the letterbox (whereas we never had any of these for the last 20 years). I was quite furious about it and did a bit of research. I rang one of the insurance companies up from the mailings to complain and stated that I had never requested anything from them. They asked for a reference number on the envelope. She looked it up and told me that my details had been bought from a certain group of companies! She removed me from all their mailing lists and apologised.

Doing some further research showed that one of the companies in this group was in fact the company I had stopped ordering from. When I rang the culprit up, they "checked their database" and denied it, until I provided the details and reference kindly supplied by the insurance company I just spoke to. They then fudged about and made some excuses and apologised. I followed this up with a threatening email under the data protection act formerly requesting action from them to remove me from all lists present and future and gave them 21 days to comply or risk being served with a DPA breach. Got a grovelling response and never had another thing from anyone - bliss!

Back to your HMRC - this is a well-known scam and similar ones are abound in the US from the IRS. They threaten you with court action or imminent 'arrest' ( :rofl2: ) and then tell you to avoid any action, you can pay the fine NOW - but here's the comical bit - they insist you have to go and buy a pre-paid debit card and then give them the codes over the phone or get a load of iTunes vouchers and do the same! If you refuse they often threaten to send the police round to your home etc.,

How desperate things are getting!

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Re: Straw Poll

Post by CitroJim »

I still battling one firm who used to spam dad on a weekly basis almost with their junk mail... They even nicked my address from a redirection and started to send their crap to dad at my address..

A few weeks ago I wrote them a real snotogram complaining in the bitterest of terms and informing them the recepient was deceased even (for the fifth time) but so far I've heard diddly-squat...

I have a big sign on my door to keep unsolicited crap away and largely it works. I rammed a stack of leaflets and crap back at one person who shoved it through my letterbox and angrily shouted to him 'Can't you bloody well read?'

He replied in slightly foreign-twanged English 'No, sorry I can't...'

I felt a bit guilty then for shouting at him!

And then there's all the charity collection bags that flood through the letterbox if you let them...

Junk and unsolicited mail of all kinds is a vile pestilence and I'd like to see it banned outright - no exceptions whatsoever...

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Re: Straw Poll

Post by myglaren »

CitroJim wrote:It surely worked in Dad's case Guy as since my last post in February I've not had any problems at all. All of dad's affairs are all now fully wound-up and all the paperwork ahs been archived into my loft and has been for several weeks now... Maybe in 2012 the system was still settling in?

Same with my wife - all done and dusted very quickly and painlessly.
Must tell the bank one day though :roll: