Insurance with a few cars.

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Insurance with a few cars.

Post by Quackers »

How are some of you affording to have so many cars insurance wise? I see members with 2,3 or 4 cars, early next year i would love to get a Citroen C6 as a second car to go along side my C5 and maybe even get a Xantia Activa again as a 3rd if one was to come up at the right price as i miss the way that corners so much. I currently pay around £380 a year fully comp on my C5 2007 2.2(173BHP) Auto. So i though i would see how much Admiral want for a multi car policy and they want £704 a year, so not far off double just for the C5. I'm 34 with 14 years no claims and had my licence for 15 years, and i'm just so confused how people can afford the insurance on so many cars. Is there some special policy i'm not aware of?

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Re: Insurance with a few cars.

Post by Gibbo2286 »

They're all very rich Quackers :-D

Seriously though your best bet is to find a good local broker, sit down with him and discuss your needs, they're often far more able to get you what you want than the Admirals of this world.

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Re: Insurance with a few cars.

Post by Peter.N. »

Until this year I have always used comparison web sites but they have suddenly gone mental. The insurance on my 406's was about £150 last year but its gone up at least £100 on them, so I started checking with independent companies and got it for £180 with Direct Line.


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Re: Insurance with a few cars.

Post by white exec »

The price comparison sites - for insurance, energy, banking... - are (almost?) all operated by the very companies that are listed on them. Independent they are not! It has been suggested that there is a case for taking these sites to court over misleading and partial information.

As Peter says, a few companies keep clear of them, Direct Line being the best known. These companies will not be openly listed on these sites, if at all.

The energy market "comparison" sites are some of the worst of all.
Here in Spain, there is a government-operated gas/electricity comparison site, that simply asks you to input your postcode, the type of contract you are looking for (eg electricity only, or dual-tariff 'Econ7'-type deal), and the total units you use in a year.
It then comes back with ALL the companies who can supply/invoice you, in order of cost. Brilliant. Is there anything like that in the UK, or have the companies blocked it?


On multi-car cover, try exploring a deal whereby only one of the cars will be being driven at any one time, and restricted annual mileage (if it suits). Also talk with the specialist insurers like Adrian Flux, Footman James, and so on. They are used to this kind of deal for car 'collectors'.

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Re: Insurance with a few cars.

Post by demag »

I use the cheapest classic insurance I can get for the Bx and you do get a surprising amount of cover and a normal fully comp for the Kia.

White Exec funnily enough am just changing energy suppliers at the moment. I am using separate for gas and electric this time. Have gone with Zog for the gas, they have excellent reviews and maybe GB Energy for leccy but they have mixed reviews so not sure yet.

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Re: Insurance with a few cars.

Post by van ordinaire »

My vehicles are insured quite separately now but the C15 cost more than the other 2 put together (so much for them being cheap to insure!) - although, in part that is due to it being registered in London, whereas the Jeep & the Caddy "live" in Devon.

I used a comparison site when I got the Caddy & was amazed that LV, followed by M&S Bank (yes, really), beat the specialist companies hands down. I assumed this was a loss leader price but, no the 1st renewal was about the same, I then got a quote for the Jeep, about 1/2 what I was paying but the downside was that although the anniversary of the cover had passed by then they wouldn't allow the extra year's NCB. Last year I switched the Caddy to a specialist (which were prepared to give me a "classic" policy, even though it was only 16 years old) but not only because the premium was, a little, less.

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Re: Insurance with a few cars.

Post by Paulmi16 »

I've found individual policies for each car the cheapest way of doing it. Each with their own NCB and tailored to suit the car. Esure gave a second car discount and applied the NCB from the other policy as well. Finding a Multicar policy that can cope with a modified 205 is near on impossible. Avoid Adrian Flux and Carole Nash.