New Citroen Suspension previewed

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Re: New Citroen Suspension previewed

Post by white exec »

Elma, I think that's correct.

To me it looks like
- a self-contained (not externally connected) telescopic damper
- relaxed (soft) damping at centre-position (normal ride height) = comfort
- progressively stiffer damping as the unit is compressed (the progressively smaller damper holes)
- bump stop action performed by fluid action, through another set of progressive holes.

Clever enough, and certainly cheap. I can imagine someone from Citroen R&D coming into PSA's office and saying "We've found a rather clever way of saving money...".

Might be a Cunning Plan though, to keep Cit R&D alive. Can always hope.

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Re: New Citroen Suspension previewed

Post by bobins »

There's a 250Mb zip file of images to be had from the Citroen servers if any of you are really interested !! Not all of them are of the inner working of the suspension, but a fair few of them are.

Password: CONFORT1

Select: English
I unticked the Cripte box and got the files that way.