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Re: Top Gear

Post by daviemck2006 »

I think the format had ran it's course if I'm honest, and it was only the chemistry between C H & M that kept it funny. Now there's no chemistry and an outdated format to contend with. Chris Evans has the most annoying screech for a voice, I never listened to him on radio, and he only had to say "Tonight" and I hated it!

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Re: Top Gear

Post by Homer »

Mandrake wrote: The other two guys (Rory Reid and Chris Harris) who are apparently assigned to "Top Gear Extra", all I can say is Meh...who are they again ?
You should check them out, they are pretty good and would make a better team for the main show than those two highly paid well known names did.
Eddie Jordan is listed as a host but didn't even make an appearance in the first episode, so it's unknown what role he'll play.
He will play the role of some bloke who used to own a Formula 1 team. Every other line he says will start "when I used to..", just like he did on the BBC F1 coverage

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Re: Top Gear

Post by waynedance »

I found it hard to watch with Evens in it and Mat was very wooden as if he did not to be there.

Not sure if I will be watching anymore.

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