Citroen gsa 1300

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Re: Citroen gsa 1300

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Der Franzose are showing the clutch lever as out of stock, but Chevronics seem to have them:

Make sure to depressurise the hydraulic system before removing high pressure connections. Simple task of cracking the bleed valve half a turn on the main accumulator.
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Re: Citroen gsa 1300

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I don't recall any great difficulties. Done outside the house, suspension on high and no help other than Mr Haynes.
Lifted the engine out alone, dropped it onto a skate board and wheeled it out of the way - same technique I used on the Hillman Imps to get the engines out.
Rusty bolts were the worst bits, and reconnecting the exhaust and heater pipes.

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Re: Citroen gsa 1300

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Raul wrote:Hi

So today I wanted to drive to work but after a few km-s I realised that clutch pedal feels different and the clutch is slipping. It happened overnight. How bad is clutch on them to change? Does it mean engine off??

Had a problem like this back in the day and took the engine out twice replacing the clutch assembly. I found the problem to be on the bulkhead area where the cable holder had split at the bottom and when the clutch pedal was pressed it did not transmit the full pull through the cable.
Took engine out twice on my own without using any hoists or jacks, it was very light for an engine. Wouldn't get away with it these days!!!