Interesting view on emissions

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Interesting view on emissions

Post by spider »

and this

I'll have to be honest I do agree with some of the thoughts in those pages...

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Re: Interesting view on emissions

Post by myglaren »

Some undeniable common sense there!

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Re: Interesting view on emissions

Post by bobins »

I do like his Environmental Policy :)

I (Bobins) do know how to reduce pollution, but it's such a long term plan and it is so contentious that it's unworkable :-D

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Re: Interesting view on emissions

Post by BenC5HDi »

Can't really see any common sense in there myself. Diesel pollutes. Particles are bad.

He's basically saying it's all a load of crap and to ignore it. I'm not sure I'd support a company that seems to encourage pollution and ridding cars of emissions gear.

I note two things : he lives in Ribchester, hardly the centre of a polluted city and that he repairs diesel engines. Well, he would be concerned about their demise wouldn't he?