NEW Xantia parts........your need ?

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Re: NEW Xantia parts........your need ?

Post by Deanxm »

I think a V6 Activa is a far better short and long term investment :wink:
It will take a long time for Xantia owner's arms to grow long enough to make the spares production work, the money would be in buying NOS now while nobody wants it then hiding it away to serve the good Vehicles tha arent run just as bangers.


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Re: NEW Xantia parts........your need ?

Post by citroenxm »

Stripping them aint a game for me either... im just not wastefull and try to limit waste as much as possible... theres one hdi xantia left almost complete minus bumpers but rotton around the rear but currently hidden away until space is made.. but there is currently no intention of taking anything else in to strip down unless its FOC but that too never happens to me..