C5 2.0 HDI intermittent non-start?

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Re: C5 2.0 HDI intermittent non-start?

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pabloalfa76 wrote:The Heater fan has packed up! made for a scary drive to work with a frozen-up screen. ( I had a dry soldered joint on the resister pack about a year ago, I re-soldered it and it's been fine since ) I'll do some testing over the weekend.
Ps, Have a nice weekend.
Hi, I had this one in my C5, in my case the PWM fan transistor was dead. When I opened the plastic cover of the PWM module I saw the transistor didn't touch the radiator anymore. It just fried. I could turn it on and after a couple of seconds the fan controls would stop reacting and the fan lcd would go off, sometimes leaving the fan fully on, sometimes fully off. So the transistor was still trying to work when it was cold. I replaced the transistor and used some thermo glue and It's been fine for 2 yrs now.

I hope your starting problems are fixed for good.
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Re: C5 2.0 HDI intermittent non-start?

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Hi All,
Day 2, after injector change.
All going well, lots of starting and stopping today, no problems.

Headlight bulb changed, all working well.

Heater fan investigation, pulled out resistor pack, showing signs of overheating on right side of multi-plug.
I've cut open the socket and soldered the wires on direct, also re-soldered the pin into the printed circuit. All working again, ( I think next time I'm down the breakers, I'll pick up a spare resistor pack and cut off a section of loom, as I could be revisiting this again in the future.)

I'll post again if I have any more starting issues. Thanks, for all your help on this problem.
Cheers, Paul.
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Re: C5 2.0 HDI intermittent non-start?

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I am too starting......or rather not starting to have a similar problem. The batteries fully charged but after a few days, it will either not turn over or switch the ignition on, count to 3 then turn it over. This morning power but wouldn't turn over, connected a battery charger, wait 1 minute and woof, fired up like a rocket was up its ass. Have a battery conditioner on now to see if the batteries f*cked. Oh its a c5 x7 oil burner.