Front suspension knocking

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Re: Front suspension knocking

Post by RichardW »

Managed it at the weekend trying to free the NS shaft on the 307 - normally I put a bowl under in case and lose none, this time I forgot and....

My mate wins though - rebuilding his C5 after clutch change, and I was away to get some LDS - I get back to find him a bit long faced "Filled the gear box. Then realised the shafts weren't in"!!
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Re: Front suspension knocking

Post by jgra1 »

been there too..

I did find a massive tray at my last property! really handy and probably only costs a fiver somewhere.. its about the width of engine and box, and about 1 1/2 or 2 x that lengthwise..

it wont help if you didn't know the oil was going to come out though ;)