405 XUD9- Head / belt questions & storytime

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Re: 405 XUD9- Head / belt questions & storytime

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I wouldn't know where to actually look for the correct figures to set the timing back to stock standard. I'm just hoping that's where it was when purchased, it didn't seem to have been messed about with. Haha, i'm certain I will do some damage at some point with my fiddling, I just can't resist. Breaking my cars constantly keeps me thoroughly amused, and I enjoy learning the science behind it. The only thing I'm still wondering, is that the advance is governed by the vacuum the pump is exerting on the fuel on the bosch pump (or so I understand). I stuck a lift pump on to aid with fuel pickup, as it is of course the oil is a touch thicker when stone cold in the mornings - this runs at about 4-6psi, which I thought might mess with the amount of vacuum generated and thus the advance while up in the revs. It made no noticeable difference however, but I always like to know how things work!

You're quite right. the cold start assist system is of dubious value once it starts to misbehave, and mine made its final voyage from the car to the back of the shed, never to be seen again on saturday. I'm sure a bit of advance would be mighty nice in the depths of a cold dark winter if we get one next year however, but that's a concern for future me to grieve over :-D. Simplicity is a lovely thing! Would thoroughly enjoy a 205TD at some point once i've finally finished some other projects, classic head turner! Doubt I'd fit in one at 6ft 5 though without a touch of seat modding (only fit in the 405 owing to the sunroof :lol: . What made you part ways with your 205?

The post heating is indeed for emissions! Takes a minute or so to get the warmth into the swirl pot after firing up for a clean burn, so the plugs take charge of the warmth for a short while initially, no harm on the engine but plenty of fuel will fail to burn. Probably to help save rapidly clogging the catalytic converter on the later models also.