Failed MOT

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Re: Failed MOT

Post by Stickyfinger »

I have not looked closely at the design yet so I cannot tell if it is a standard shape.
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Re: Failed MOT

Post by Old-Guy »

chinkostu wrote:
Stickyfinger wrote:nope....not found one yet anyway....I expect mine to be either a fail or advisory next time round.
Is it possible to remove the knackered bush and retrofit a traditional one? Seems to have a clamp around it on servicebox!
That's the sort of solution I had in mind. The feasibility would depends on the usual state of the bar where the old bush had separated. That's why I mentioned, they would seem to be a likely candidate as manufacturer of a suitable bushes - which would probably need to be split as feeding them over the end of the bar and around the inevitable bend (I'm assuming a similar arrangement to Xantias) is likely to be difficult if not impossible.
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Re: Failed MOT

Post by mooseshaver »

Front lower arms wishbone.
That's what's been replaced to get the MOT pass.
And now my car does not clonk over bumps nor vibrate when moving slow with lots of lock.