Well I've done It

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Re: Well I've done It

Post by myglaren »

CitroJim wrote:
KennyW wrote:just over 10miles to the litre.
Impressive and an interesting mix of metric and imperial measures to get a very meaningful measure of fuel consumption. I like it!
Always feed the data on my receipts and the mileage into a spreadsheet that does the clever bits Jim. Seemed a simple thing to include mpL and Lpm as the fuel is sold by the Litre.

Mpg is certainly more comfortable, like analogue clocks and watches.

Ostensibly to flag any serious deviations that would point to otherwise unseen problems but generally promotes misery at the poor fuel economy compared with most C5ers.
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Re: Well I've done It

Post by KennyW »

It's my take on l/100 km put into British!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Well I've done It

Post by Stickyfinger »

LOL, if it costs me more that £30 for a round trip to central London I know I have a problem, or the price has gone up :)...