Possible timing belt trick

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Re: RE: Re: Possible timing belt trick

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daviemck2006 wrote:
Stickyfinger wrote:Grab a Granny Night if I recall correctly.....and they will have the stockings for your fan belt :)
But first you have to remove them from said MILF (granny) [emoji7] [emoji41] [emoji23]
Rather you than me :rofl2:

Thoughts of Norah Batty spring to mind...
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Re: Possible timing belt trick

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That's where the 5 G&T's comes into play...:)
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Re: Possible timing belt trick

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Priscilla Presley was only 44 when she became a granny and she was by no means the youngest but probably one of the better looking ones (Whoopie Goldberg was another. I'll stop there :roll: )