transverse 3hp-22 transmission anyone familiar!???

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Re: transverse 3hp-22 transmission anyone familiar!???

Post by CitroJim »

xantia sx auto wrote: the gearbox place put dexron 6 in it, to me that does not seem right. too thin?
No, definitely not...

An autobox of that age will want Dexron II mineral oil and will likely not like anything newer if the 4HP18 in the XM is anything to go by... Dex6 will likely be synthetic and whilst supposedly backwardly compatible that is open to debate..

As a general rule an autobox should only ever use the ATF it was originally specified to use.

Genuine Dexron II is still available and quite cheap. Don't be fobbed off with what the gearbox place wants to flog you!

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Re: transverse 3hp-22 transmission anyone familiar!???

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

.....This confirms Jim's advice.

Direct from ZF the manufacturer of your gearbox.

The link takes you to a PDF list of approved lubricants for their products. ... -ML_11.pdf


The full approved list appears on page 6 and 7.

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Re: transverse 3hp-22 transmission anyone familiar!???

Post by xantia sx auto »

thanks neil, I couldn't work anything out from the pics! but the other bit makes sense, my fluid is a lovely colour but I just don't think dexron 6 is right for it, that's what I think the gearbox place has put in, but I can't work out if they mean 6 as in capacity or 6 as in oil type, they will not answer my emails or get back to me about it, they were really awful to the last owners,
I can see a few different plugs etc but not sure if I can see 2 drains, and I think the oil is in the final drive bit as well, or would that be seperate gearbox oil? I've done quite a few autos and had a lot of 4hp-20 boxes which often get slated but they have some good points!
now out of interest, would anyone know what 4 speed auto might fit without too many problems if i ever wanted to do that?
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Re: transverse 3hp-22 transmission anyone familiar!???

Post by xantia_v6 »

You might find ... -in-detail interesting, the 4hp22 is the later version of the 3hp22 with overdrive added.

I doubt you will find another AT to fit your vehicle, maybe the 4hp18 if it has a removable bell housing?