Xsara PH2 Estate drivers seat

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Xsara PH2 Estate drivers seat

Post by isojussi81 » 28 Jul 2015, 11:21

Hello from Finland.
How you can remove the front seats from Xsara PH2 Estate.
The front bolts are easily removed but the two in the back are under the frame.

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Re: Xsara PH2 Estate drivers seat

Post by MikeT » 28 Jul 2015, 12:17

If it's like the Xantia, you remove one set (rear or front, can't recall) and then this allows the runners to move beyond the (now-removed) bolt heads giving access the other set.

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Re: Xsara PH2 Estate drivers seat

Post by Stickyfinger » 28 Jul 2015, 16:26

rears first, then move seat back, then the two forward ones.
You have to stop the large black washers from turning as you undo the set screws