Brought a new car

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Re: Brought a new car

Post by np »

Well,here we are 2 years on.Still got the 407,196k miles now.Slightly tuned to 205bhp/320 lbft.Even as standard pullls our caravan up most motorway inclines in 6th gear at 60mph.Best tow car i`ve ever had.Had some issues with it.Both turbo solonoids replaced,and was fine till my wife drove to london and back in 5th gear :roll: .Now sometimes wont rev over 3k rpm in 4th,5th or 6th.But 1st 2nd 3rd it will scare a Civic type R :-D .Had to replace the drivers side heater flap(google it :roll: #-o )Had to do the front lower ball joints,drop links,all bushes.And now just replaced the front lower arms.Currently has no A/C condensor as it spung a big leak,and after checking and checking thought i got the right one for the car,only to remove the radiator,intercooler and other bits to finally expose the condensor,to find i had the £350 version :x Got a new one on ebay for £100,but waiting for a new pipe for it.I had to remove the xenon bulbs as they were aftermarket ones and screwed up the front wipers(a common 407 issue).But its not been a bad car really.
And now,we`ve just gone and brought a 2007/07 Citroen C4 1.6i to replace my wifes 2000 Yaris,so i`m back in the Citroen club 11 years after waving goodbye the my Xantia.
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Re: Brought a new car

Post by CitroJim »


Good to know the 407 is still doing a cracking job np. I think I've said before, I have a lot of time for the 407 and consider it terribly under-rated...
np wrote:
01 Jul 2017, 20:00
Had to replace the drivers side heater flap(google it :roll: #-o )

Been there, done that :twisted:

Hope the C4 lives up to expectations and proves as good as the 407 ;)
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Re: Brought a new car

Post by Pappi »

I'm thinking of buying a 407 cheap, the heater pad or pads needs to be replaced so I can get it really cheap. Been reading about the slaughter way to do it. Cutting a hole and so on. But how the heck do you know in what position the new ones go back? I'm thinking of the position of the flap on the motor and the sync with the ACC dials. Can't they get messed up so they're out of sync? The angle of the flap.
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Re: Brought a new car

Post by moizeau »

Have a read at the end of this viewtopic.php?f=3&t=62378 , the tube videos are posted, if the c5 and 407 share the same parts. 'tomandsophie' is the latest person to do this so you could ask?
I believe it's the spindle that breaks, not the actual flap.