Starter motor location

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Starter motor location

Post by Vulcan37 »

Firstly,great to see a forum where I can get some assistance from fellow Peugeot 806 owners.
I've had car for 10 years..loads of problems over that time.Multi relay problems,harness going into bsi all corroded.
My problem now is starter is only clicking.Attempting to check connections on solenoid if I could only find it!
Does anyone have a photo or something.
Peugeot 806 2.0 lr petrol 1996.
Thank you.
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Re: Starter motor location

Post by Oldpug »

Everything on a 806 is hard to get at,Its on the radiator side of the block,horrible job.
Its a very long time since I worked on one of these so its difficult to advise. ??? I think? after removing the air filter box and pipes to get to the bell housing bolts. Then it will come down from under the car? I`m sure you will find pipes and things in the way though.I also have a feeling there is a bracket on the end of the starter that bolts to the block. Best of luck.