New car, important things to do for longevity?

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Re: New car, important things to do for longevity?

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white exec wrote:
01 Jun 2018, 11:14
Heck, that stuff is expensive!

Its very good though and ive never seen anything else on the market as thin as it. Its used in bodyshops to rust proof repairs for warranty purposes.

If you have an account with Wurth it is cheaper - they do a lot of other unique stuff also like the electrical contact cleaner with an acid suspended in dielectric grease, or the spray grease suspended in solvent so it cleans out then leaves a high quality grease behind - after using some of the Wurth products you you will find it difficult not to keep using them.

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Re: New car, important things to do for longevity?

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I have used an aerosol sprayable grease (made by Innotec), and it was remarkable stuff. Sprayed on as easily as thin paint, but turned into a thick, clingy and water-repellant grease within several minutes.

Did try to obtain some Wurth cavity wax (fluid) here, from their large trade supply-base in Malaga, but they first denied the product existed, and then - shown their own web catalogue page - simply stated that the product wasn't available in Spain.

There is a belief that cars don't rust here, and it's more-or-less true, but not something I've felt like personally putting the XM to the test over. My local motor factor sells 4CR products (also made in Germany), and seemed happy enough to lay in a carton (12 x 1-litre) of their Cavity Wax, which I sprayed on and injected with the Sealey gun. Cost of the goop was slightly less than Waxoyl, and a far more durable product, especially in weathered areas.