A Main Dealer tail

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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by myglaren » 17 Jun 2015, 17:07

isisalar wrote:Reminds me of one of my first motor trade jobs selling used sports cars. The typical 50s throwback sales manager would exclaim to potential customers 'this guarantee covers all moving parts sir.'
So when they stop moving they are not covered any more? :twisted:

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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by Stickyfinger » 17 Jun 2015, 17:43


When I asked WHY , as I have a Get u thru your MOT warranty, I was having to pay for the gators ? the answer was "rubber bits are not covered".

I asked and received a totally dumb look and a mumbled "its not covered" repeated...."just what on a four and a half year old car, that is not rubber would fail and MoT ?"....so brakes and bulbs then ?

I have to say the £25 transfer fee for the name change on the extended warranty was one of my better investments.....they billed it all on my invoice, they charged well over £1200 to the covering company.
......just a shame it was with these idiots.

I cannot ever see myself going back to a Hartwells for sure as both Abingdon and Bath have been laughable. Never have I been to a company's offices and disliked every single person I have met across two sites, not once, all were either dismissive, not at all welcoming or really poor at what they did. I feel really uncomfortable now because I normally like everyone, quite unsettling really.

I will have the car up on my ramps tomorrow to have a good look at the work they have done.

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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by addo » 18 Jun 2015, 04:52

Stickyfinger wrote:...I feel really uncomfortable now because I normally like everyone, quite unsettling really...
Challenge accepted! :twisted:


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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by Stickyfinger » 18 Jun 2015, 08:14

Mate....they did not even wash the car after having it for 3 weeks, I picked it up with bird sh17 on it ffs

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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by macplaxton » 18 Jun 2015, 10:26

chinkostu wrote:
spider wrote:You never used to be able to fail on the inner boot only the outer one, perhaps this has changed.
Certainly a fail now as i managed to put a wishbone mounting bolt through one on the 206 when i fudged it up!
It most definitely is as it came in with the harmonisation changes of the EU vehicle testing directive that came in circa 2012.

It used to be that Volvo 300s, which have four CV joints/boots at the back, could go in with four knackered gaiters and pass a MOT. It WAS only the front outers that were tested to some degree as they were to do with the steering/suspension element.

The front suspension page:
http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/htdocs/m4s02000506.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (the amendments have a black bar by them)

The general suspension page:
http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/htdocs/m4s02000410.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (these additions extend the test to all gaiters, not just the front outers)

Also covers ball joint boots somewhere as you previous could have none as long as the joint wasn't worn out.

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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by harryp » 18 Jun 2015, 12:09

My word, can hardly believe such a sad tale of total incompetence, bul.sh17, lies and indifference :shock: . I expect you have sent a stone tablet to Citroen UK detailing all of this - an obvious cut and paste from this complete topic would demonstrate the wide circulation of this forum. Cit UK really need to review it dealer network/strategy and get this particular franchise under control. Totally, totally unacceptable and barely believable.

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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by Stickyfinger » 18 Jun 2015, 13:35

Harry, I sent a letter to the CEO of Citroen UK about the car and the way parts had been allowed to rust and the condition of the powder coatings (and why that is rubbish stuff designed to breakdown), a minion wrote back saying they could not comment as it was a "Dealer matter"....so basically, its a 4 year old car so feck-off as we could not give a sh17, says a lot about them.

The letter even started with a "I am not asking for money or work to be done however as a fan of Citroen I thought you should know........."

Even my local indi washes a car........but hey this lot could not even wash the wheel that is covered in CV grease from the leaking boot !, they just refitted it without even a wipe.
..............HARTWELLS have a Facebook page !

Postman just delivered a letter from Hartwells asking me to fill out an email that I will get from Citroen on customer satisfaction.....bet I never get one, and IF I do, I bet it will be ignored and I will get NO Feedback from them.....£10 on it

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Re: A Main Dealer tail

Post by wurlycorner » 22 Jun 2015, 21:17

Chris570 wrote:That said think of how many new parts you now have :)

Yep, assuming they have managed/bothered to fit them correctly though :?

Glad you've got the car back though sticky and it appears to be working ok now?

Absolute farce going changing all that stuff though. Typical of modern mechanics - absolutely no skill/knowledge/ability to actually carry out diagnosis of simple faults, at all (how hard would it have been to check whether the park solenoid was a) getting a feed at the right time, b) sticking in operation, c) had a knackered coil etc.)