Lord this is a STORM Tonight

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Re: Lord this is a STORM Tonight

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On a previous holiday there were a group of kids sitting by the stage when there were evening performances at this all inclusive place.

They were kept comfortable by the surface as it was marble in that area, and stone further away.

Note to self regarding next trip, I shall have to eat smaller portions, and use the gym there, as it so easy to partake in too much, and then get a "storm" inside brewing/growing!

I am sure that on a return trip if they weighed all the passengers they would have changed their weight/BMI.
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Re: Re:

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ACTIVE8 wrote:I suspect your ground stays pretty warm there without any assistance.
Yes, we get decent storms but nearly always warm ones.

When I'm in cold parts of Australia, I'm usually fortunate enough to have someone warm with me! :D