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Post by Stickyfinger »

You Register on the .Gov account site with all your details and Ni number....ummmmm nasty
You contact the Tax man to record the Import and get a Zero Rate VAT number for the Car, done on-line with personal assistance of the help line staff..gj
Contact DVLA and on-line staff to order and assist in the correct form, and advise how to fill it in...gj
You register to receive a form tagged to the Vin...gj

You cannot get any forms to fill out however, they have to send them to you....BAD
They take 12 days and still not here...BAD
They will not allow you to order another form....BAD
They will take 10-14 Days to issue a V5 once they receive it....BAD

And before, pop into the post office, fill it in, pop up to the local DVLA office, hand it in, pay, wait 5-20 mins, take them outside to the car if they need to look at it, job done in 2 hours

So, 2 hour job to Min of 3-4 weeks.....fecking good job DVLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....that's an improvement then :(
and a full MONTH of insurance WASTED !!!!!!!
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Post by DickieG »

All of the hassle you're going through was widely predicted when our wonderful government closed all the local DVLA offices and made the staff redundant leaving those still doing the job overloaded with work and feeling rather fed up having so brooms inserted into places they weren't designed to go. Unfortunately such a poor experience is now becoming the norm with most public sector organisations I'm afraid :roll: