OT : Anyone got a Hyundai?

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Re: OT : Anyone got a Hyundai?

Post by CitroJim »

darbuck wrote:I've had 2 accents
Cockney and Geordie?

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Re: OT : Anyone got a Hyundai?

Post by hirsty »

I have an i40 saloon with the 1.7 diesel engine as my current company car. After 12500 miles in 5 months and 53 mpg I have to say that it is better than I imagined it would be. My only complaint to date is the very low biting point of the clutch.

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Re: OT : Anyone got a Hyundai?

Post by Zelandeth »

Worth checking it's not just the cable adjustment.

Spent six years with a stupidly high clutch on my 107 having been told by the dealer that it was self adjusting and normal.

Imagine my frustration when I found the adjuster. Two miutes (literally) later had a sensible clutch!
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