Car audio questions.

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Car audio questions.

Post by waynedance »

I have some Kenwood speakers in the rear and front at the moment that were a direct fit to the existing car wiring loom but are crackling at volume.

Have a decent Kenwood head unit 4x50w wil so many setting.

Looking to replace the speakers and was looking for suggestions, what is the best to get taking in to consideration the car has factory tweeters in the dash. 2 way 3 way or even 1 way ???

Oh and already have a bass box in the boot.
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Re: Car audio questions.

Post by bxzx16v »

I would say component speakers would be the way to go for sound quality,not sure on price. You'd need crossovers too if your keeping your tweeters. Unless they have their own filters fitted, it's been a few years since I was into the car stereo stuff, have fun and enjoy whatever you choose.

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Re: Car audio questions.

Post by elma »

Cars have different things, e.g. my Xantia has components (separate tweeter) in the front and co-axial in the rear (tweeter built in or 2 way). Personally I would go for components if they fit, so definitely in the front for you and check the rear. 2 and 3 way are just how many elements there are to a coaxial speaker, I prefer 2 myself and there is no right answer. Look for above 50w (so the Headunit can't blow them) 60w or thereabouts is fine, but make sure they say 60W RMS. The RMS is important or the measurement is nothing to do with the 50W on the head unit. Finally, if you're after good sound, make sure the frequency range of the speakers covers 200Hz to 20,000Hz or higher. Human hearing range is 20Hz to 20,000Hz, but your Sub covers 20Hz to 200Hz.
Do you know which Kenwood speakers you have and have you tried different speakers or head unit in your car? It is possible that the head unit is crackling at high volume, the speaker wires are too thin for the load or badly routed by a power cable. Just things I'd rule out before spending money as with the Sub the speakers shouldn't need turning up to the point of distortion to get enough volume.