Erratic Running & Idle (Pug 307)

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Erratic Running & Idle (Pug 307)

Post by ashleyjamesuk »

Car : 53 307 2.0 Petrol

So my car started to run erratic on idle for some time now but was not noticed in accelleration, until now.

The car feels like it is jerking with power on/off all the way through the powerband.

The engine is making a loud tappet noise , oil and coolant levels are good and run OBDII test highlighted no error codes but here is some data i could capture while on idle :

Help is really respected!

All data at cold start idle:

RPM Data :


Calculated Engine Load:

Timing Data:

Any suggestions people? I am starting to think it could be sparks? But wouldnt a problem show?

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Re: Erratic Running & Idle (Pug 307)

Post by BX »

Look at the graphs for the O2 sensors. The O2 (lambda) sensors are often the cause of erratic running on petrol engines. They often will not be far enough out of tolerance to generate a fault code but will affect the running of the engine. On most engines Disconnecting them will illuminate the engine management lamp but may result in the car running better. If the car runs better without one of them then that one is most likely faulty. Faults in the coil pack or spark plugs normally cause a misfire which is picked up by the obd system.

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Re: Erratic Running & Idle (Pug 307)

Post by Gibbo_Wirral »

Peugeot Planet may be a better diagnostic tool for reading live data in cases like this, as it often gives reference values.