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Re: Bad Driver

Post by old-un77 »

don't the fuel gauge in the car give a clue as to which side of a car, the filler cap is? ie shows a petrol pump icon?

two, how DO you negotiate these roundabouts that have a new lane that grows from the kerb of the roundabout itself,

three lanes usually left lane turning left/straight on
middle lane straight on, or right?(using the whole roundabout, 270 or 360 degrees?)
off side lane turn right? no way, cos the lane that grows " forces the traffic to veer to the middle lane.......
and the nearside lane is cross hatched out at 180 degrees
one in Peterborough is like that.....
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Re: Bad Driver

Post by CitroJim »

old-un77 wrote:don't the fuel gauge in the car give a clue as to which side of a car, the filler cap is? ie shows a petrol pump icon?
Yes! They all do.. Either a little arrow or the side of the pump the hose is on indicates the car's filler side...

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Post by addo »

I've seen a buttload of bad driving lately, one led to a very messy crash, just missed another T-boning today (about thirty seconds before I arrived), there was a high speed multiple fatality the other day not far from here, and it's barely eight weeks since a young fool spun his S2000 into a Hyundai, then bounced into a tree two streets away. Oh, and a collision between two artics this morning, killing one driver. Fine weather, good visibility.

I think the crash which "meant" the most to me was one about eighteen months ago. I didn't know the deceased, nor the actual road, but have plenty of experience on similar roads. Look at the emptiness of the landscape in the link below; to lose control and die alone in a crushed, rolled over Landcruiser with not even the touch or words of a passing motorist. Who really wants to go like that?" onclick=";return false;
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Post by citronut »

addo wrote:I've seen a buttload of bad driving lately,

reminds me of the little old lady who has never been involved in a RTA but seen 100's in here rear view mirror :twisted: #-o :-D :lol: :rofl2: :rofl2: :wink:
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Re: Bad Driver

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HEY...leave my Mother out of this !
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