Punishing Internet Trolls

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Re: Punishing Internet Trolls

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CitroJim wrote:
northern_mike wrote:Send them to me and they can wind my spring clamps on with a small, open ended spanner.
:rofl2: :rofl2:

Punishment indeed 8-)
And then, when they have collapsed from exhaustion, you can finish tightening them up with the ratchet spanners.

Re: Punishing Internet Trolls

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CitroJim wrote:
addo wrote: Are Australian legislators now trying to sell the UK on the idea of a law for everything?
I thought it was the other way around...
Yes. Especially if you happen to be a brown person from the subcontinent, or might have at some point in the past had relatives who lived there, worship Allah, or especially both. Then you're up s**t Creek.
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addo wrote:Send the trolls down here.
Now come on addo, I hope you haven't been encouraging them!? :-D We already have our fair share of trolls in Aus. :-D