Mike's C5 110HDi

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addo wrote:I've replaced blower control modules in this marque family, Valeo brand from memory. Easy fix.
It's apparently the motor unit itself Addo, a bit of a fiddle to get to, but not impossible. The AC/Climate was working before the fan stopped. It's under the scuttle, needs the wipers, scutttle, and some of the engine pipework removed to get it out. Likely cause is that the brushes in the motor have simply worn out.
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Re: Mike's C5 110HDi

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What's wrong with the C5 Mike? Just the heater blower?

In my experience this is usually the resistor block which lives to the left of the clutch pedal. I've replaced these on C5s before which lost their blower fan.

Re: Mike's C5 110HDi

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Citroenmad wrote:What's wrong with the C5 Mike? Just the heater blower?
Nothing Chris, apart from the occasionally noisy rear arm bearings. The heater blower is a problem on a BMW 328i that I appear to have accidentally acquired...
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Re: Mike's C5 110HDi

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Mike, if you want to do the Beemer Blower (sounds like a weather phenomenon) at CitroJim Towers one fine day you're more than welcome...